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Kafeney Houseband / Pavlina Konstantopoulou

11th Paradise Jazz Festival poster
Savvas Houvartas
Alkis Agathokleous
Nicolas Tryphonos
Andreas Stefanou
Pavlina Konstantopoulou
11th Paradise Jazz Festival poster

Saturday 24rd of July 2010

About Kafeney Houseband / Pavlina Konstantopoulou

On next day, Saturday 24th, 9pm we present the Kafeney Quartet featuring Pavlina Konstantopoulou. They are a local group which two of the members have had many performances @ Paradise Place in the past! Alkis Agathokleous who is playing ney & cumbus and Savvas Houvartas who is playing guitar. Nicolas Tryphonos is on double bass and Andreas Stefanou is on drums & percussions.  Pavlina on vocals joins in to complete the band. They are going to perform new standards, original compositions and free improvisations. The band was formed in Limassol two years ago for the joy of playing music.

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11th Paradise Jazz Festival

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