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8th Paradise Jazz Festival

Dear friends

Welcome to the 8th Paradise Jazz Festival which is going to take place on the 7th of September at Paradise Place Pomos, and the 8th & 9th of September at Agios Andronicus Park, Polis with the help of the Municipality of Polis Chrysochous. ...

8th Press Release

Dear friends of Paradise Jazz Festival

Hi, and Welcome to the 8th Paradise Jazz Festival which is going to take place on the 7th of September at Paradise Place, Pomos, and the 8th & 9th of September at Agios Andronicus Park, Polis with the help of the Municipality of Polis Chrysochous. The aim of the organizers is for this to attract both foreign and local visitors to Polis Chrysochous. There will be an opening night at Paradise Place in Pomos, the home place of the Paradise Jazz Festival on Friday the 7th at 7 pm.

There will be an opening night at Paradise Place in Pomos, the home place of the Paradise Jazz Festival on Friday the 7th at 7 pm.

The program will start at sunset time, with the Steps, a power trio combining the polyrhythmic sounds of Ioannis Vafeas on drums, the virtuosic capabilities of Michael Messios on bass, and the ferocious sound of Charis Ioannou on saxophone.

They will be followed by a Brazilian & Latin Fusion Trio called Morfitis Trio with Giorgos Morfitis on piano, Tuur Moens from Belgium on drums & Beno Kiss from Hungaria on electric bass. This tasty and uplifting starter will surely create an appetite for the sumptuous main course served on Saturday and Sunday in Polis Chrysochous.
Since these performances will take place on the small stage of Paradise Place, bookings are recommended.

On Saturday the 8th, at Agios Andronikos Park in Polis the doors will open at 7 pm, with the first concert beginning at 8 pm with Oriole Brazil playing “a musical mosaic that feels as spiritually uplifting as a Paulo Coelho novel” (Jazzwise).
Thomas Clausen will be on piano, Fernando De Marco on bass, Idris Rahman on clarinet, sax, Afonso Correa on drums, Jonny Phillips on acoustic guitar, Ingrid Laubrockon tenor sax, Ben Davis on cello, and Adriano Adewale on percussion.

It will be followed by a performance by Julia Biel . Her exceptional ‘Billie Holiday meets Bjork’ voice weaves a magical spell out of folk, jazz and soul. “The demanding nature of the music – the wide range of styles, sonorities, the sometimes irregular harmonies and rhythms – might seem like hard work. But Biel is obviously committed to the experimental aesthetic, and her mesmerizing voice and magnetic stage presence should encourage many to follow where she leads” (THE GUARDIAN, Culture Vulture, April 2006).
Julia Biel
 (composer, voice, guitar, keys) , who was also nominated in the BBC Jazz Awards ‘Rising Star’ category, got a place in The Independent’s Top 5 best live performances of 2006 in their review of the year and even a brief modeling contract for Nokia’s ‘I am my music’ campaign when she was one of 6 artists chosen globally to feature in the print advertising for their new phone/mp3 player.
She will be performing on Saturday night with Idris Rahman on saxophone, keys, backing vocals, Michael Pickering on drums, Marco Piccioni on electric guitar, backing vocals & Ben Hazleton on double bass, while on Sunday, Sebastian Rochford will take the drummers place.

On Sunday the 9th, the Paradise Jazz Festival has the chance to add one more big name on the Festival’s agenda. You can listen to the magic sound of the Danish pianist Thomas Clausen, set under the beautiful sunset, and the palm trees of Polis Chrysochous, beginning at 7 pm. Doors are open from 6 pm.
Thomas Clausen is regarded by many as one of Europe’s top Pianists. He has performed and recorded with Miles Davis, Dexter Gordon, Dizzy Gillespie, Stan Getz, Ben Webster and many others. With Thomas Clausen will appear Fernando De Marco on bass, Idris Rahman on clarinet, sax, and Afonso Correa on drums.

The night will finish with Oriole of Jonny Phillips the guitarist, composer& arranger of the group. Their music is a sensory banquet of soaring melodies, colorful South American folklore, lively dances, and emotional ballads of longing. Their music creates a rich, emotionally disquieting world that is at once familiar and dreamlike.
A world of freedom, movement, dusty roads, and traveling musicians in shaded market squares whose journey will never end.
With him on stage are going to be: Fernando De Marco (bass), Ingrid Laubrock (tenor sax) who is leader of her own quintet, she is co-founder of Monica Vasconcelos’ Nois, she was nominated for the rising star category of the BBC Jazz Awards in 2005 & she received the Fellowship in Jazz Composition from The Arts Foundation in 2006, Sebastian Rochford (drums) a deeply creative drummer and composer & winner of the Mercury Prize for 2007 with his own band Polar Bear, Adriano Adewale (percussion), Nick Ramm (piano), Ben Davis (cello)

Let`s all be there! Thank you!

Paradise Place

Relax, chill-out, kick off your shoes, sip on a long refreshing drink, and enjoy the company of staff, after all, you are in Paradise. The Place is unique. Situated in Pomos, in the north-western corner of Cyprus, the area blessed with a wonderful dramatic rocky coastline and villages where time is still valued. The building is delightfully quirky in character: but then, it is the home of the famous Paradise Jazz Festival.

Since its establishment in 1999, Paradise Jazz Festival has become a household name for music and profoundly jazz lovers all over the island and even internationally. Each year we take pride in presenting our unique selection of jazz melodies and uniting jazz lovers from all over the beautiful island of Cyprus in moments of harmony and happiness.
We thank them all, musicians, our fantastic audience, and our sponsors who without their psychological help and financial contribution in these difficult times, our events would no longer exist.
Another great-great thank you goes to all volunteers who each one of them is helping us with their own way to organize this event in its finest way. Their help is touching our hearts and is boosting our creativity.
"We're an expanding group of friends with respect to nature and love to music who gets together once a year in a place full of inspiration, sunsets, moons, breeze, and sea, with the mood to celebrate and share quality timeless moments … Everything happens with a simplicity that is hard to find".

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