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Friday 5th of August 2016


We will continue at 10.30 pm with a dynamic presentation both from a music style perspective and in terms of the band`s composition. The ‘Afro Funk 6tet’ will perform for us standard jazz pieces with a similar style to their name. Group`s members, who are very well known to the Paradise Jazz Festival fans, are Michalis Michael trumpet) and George Krasides (sax) on horns, Giorgos Morfitis on keys, Rodos Panagiotou and George Koulas on percussion and drums (maybe in that order, maybe not) and on acoustic bass Irinaeos Koullouras. A very impressive and promising line–up.

Afro Funk 6tet

Στις 10.30μμ θα έχουμε μια πολύ δυναμική παράσταση και από άποψη θέματος άλλα και από άποψης σύνθεσης. Το Afro Funk 6tet θα μας παίξουν στάνταρντ τζαζ κομμάτια με ύφος ανάλογο του ονόματος τους. Τη μπάντα αποτελούν οι γνωστοί στο κοινό του Paradise Jazz Festival, οι Μιχάλης Μιχαήλ (τρομπέτα) και Γιώργος Κρασίδης (σαξόφωνο) στα πνευστά, ο Αντρέας Παντελή στα πλήκτρα, οι Ρόδος Παναγιώτου και Γιώργος Κούλας στα κρουστά και ντραμς αντίστοιχα, και στη βάση (και πύργος αν μου επιτραπεί η έκφραση) ο Ειρηναίος Κουλλουράς στο ηλεκτρικο μπάσο. Ένα πολύ εντυπωσιακό line-up

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17th Paradise Jazz Festival Program

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17th Image Gallery

Since its establishment in 1999, Paradise Jazz Festival has become a household name for music and profoundly jazz lovers all over the island and even internationally. Each year we take pride in presenting our unique selection of jazz melodies and uniting jazz lovers from all over the beautiful island of Cyprus in moments of harmony and happiness.
We thank them all, musicians, our fantastic audience, and our sponsors who without their psychological help and financial contribution in these difficult times, our events would no longer exist.
Another great-great thank you goes to all volunteers who each one of them is helping us with their own way to organize this event in its finest way. Their help is touching our hearts and is boosting our creativity.
"We're an expanding group of friends with respect to nature and love to music who gets together once a year in a place full of inspiration, sunsets, moons, breeze, and sea, with the mood to celebrate and share quality timeless moments … Everything happens with a simplicity that is hard to find".

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