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7th Paradise Jazz Festival

Dear friends

... From Cyprus to Israel to Armenia, Greece, Holland, and England, this year's talent will be performing on a new stage overlooking the picturesque hills of Pomos and the wonderful sunset over the Mediterranean coast. Paradise Place, 8th to 10th of September 2006 ...

7th Press Release

Dear friends of Paradise Jazz Festival Hi! It`s festival time once more and the resounding success of the Paradise Jazz Festival is now self-evident. But it’s been almost seven years since what became the biggest jazz festival in Cyprus was little more than a twinkle in the eye of the founders, whose unshakeable belief in the event finally made it a reality. From the very beginning was envisioned as an important event that would have great cultural significance and popular appeal. The 7th PJFestival will give Festival-goers a chance to savor a more intimate look at the vibrant culture that jazz has to offer. From Cyprus to Israel to Armenia, Greece, Holland, and England, this year’s talent will be performing on a new stage overlooking the picturesque hills of Pomos and the wonderful sunset over the Mediterranean coast. Paradise Place, 8th, 9th & 10th of September 2006.

The first night will feature the renowned Cypriot bass player Irinaeos Koullouras, blending together a successful combination of Turkish and Greek Cypriot musicians in a band called North and South Band in an experimental performance based on Cypriot music. With him Rodos Panagiotou on traditional percussion, Ahmet Elmes on traditional flute (pithkiavli), clarinet & saxophone, Tolka on keys, and Kadir Evre on acoustic & electric guitar and vocals. The skillfully improvised moods of five musicians living side by side with the traditional Cypriot music, in a unique approach, honest and positive, incorporates their cultural origins with the musical structure of the band, without political rhetoric, but with their passion for music.

Following that, the night of the PJFestival features vibraphone player, Christos Rafalides, currently residing in New York, who is visiting Cyprus and the Paradise Jazz Festival with his super-cool jazz band. Evi Samata will be on vocals, Takis Paterelis on saxophone, Alexandros Ktistakis on drums, and Giorgos Georgiades on acoustic bass.

Saturday’s program will include the return of the dynamic rhythm and blues band, Juba. The renew formed band consists of Philip Pearson on guitar & vocals, Marios Takoushis on keys, Giorgos Koulas on drums, and Andrea Rodosthenous on bass…

 ….in conjunction with the Blink Too Quartet from Holland that played at the Jerusalem Jazz Festival this summer. The Dutch saxophonist and clarinetist Meke Erker, mixes high energy with electronic music, jazz and free flowing improvisation with Wiboud Burkens on analog synths samples Hammond organ Fender Rhodes, Mark Haanstra on bass guitar/effects, and Hans van Oosterhout on drums. (Eventually, George Koulas took the drummer`s sit because Hans didn’t make it to Cyprus.)

Sunday night the star of the 5thPJFestival, Vassilis Rakopoulos (guitar) from Greece will join last year’s performer  Haig Yazdijan (loute ) from Armenia with extraordinary influences from Oriental and Mediterranean music. On stage with them will be Harris Lambrakis on Ney, Yiannis Kirimkirides on piano, Vaggelis Karipis on percussion, Alexandros Ktistakis on drums and Petros Varthakouris on acoustic bass.

Following that, jazz fans will enjoy world-famous saxophone player and book-write Gilad Atzmon with music based on his experiences in life. Atzmon has dedicated his music to peace. On stage with Gilad who will be on saxophones will be his personal band The Orient House Ensemble. On piano will be Frank Harrison, (electric piano and electronics), Yaron Stavi, on acoustic bass, and Stephen Keogh on drums.

The finale of the 7th PJFestival will bring the rhythmic sounds of the Jamming Session live on stage to end this phenomenal festival of sound and culture.

All snacks and drinks will be on a self-service basis and for those jazz lovers who are worried about getting there and back the organizers have planned a bus service between Pafos and Polis Chrysochous.
This year`s festival promises to be an outstanding culmination of culture, music, and rhythmic sounds, blending a unique mix of internationally-renowned guests and three nights of unforgettable jazz and fun.

Don’t miss it! Let`s all be there!

Thank you!
Let`s all be there! Thank you!

Paradise Place

Relax, chill-out, kick off your shoes, sip on a long refreshing drink, and enjoy the company of staff, after all, you are in Paradise. The Place is unique. Situated in Pomos, in the north-western corner of Cyprus, the area blessed with a wonderful dramatic rocky coastline and villages where time is still valued. The building is delightfully quirky in character: but then, it is the home of the famous Paradise Jazz Festival.

Since its establishment in 1999, Paradise Jazz Festival has become a household name for music and profoundly jazz lovers all over the island and even internationally. Each year we take pride in presenting our unique selection of jazz melodies and uniting jazz lovers from all over the beautiful island of Cyprus in moments of harmony and happiness.
We thank them all, musicians, our fantastic audience, and our sponsors who without their psychological help and financial contribution in these difficult times, our events would no longer exist.
Another great-great thank you goes to all volunteers who each one of them is helping us with their own way to organize this event in its finest way. Their help is touching our hearts and is boosting our creativity.
"We're an expanding group of friends with respect to nature and love to music who gets together once a year in a place full of inspiration, sunsets, moons, breeze, and sea, with the mood to celebrate and share quality timeless moments … Everything happens with a simplicity that is hard to find".

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