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Vasiliki Anastasiou


Vassilikí Anastasiou is a singer and a songwriter from Cyprus.
She was born in Limassol but her roots are from Kampos tis Tsakkistras, Famagusta (Cyprus) and Edessa (Northen Greece). She studied singing at the London College of Music (UK). Whilst studying in London and influenced by the many different colors, cultures and sounds of the city and infused with the her nostalgia for her home country she decided to form a band and name it “Amalgamation Project”. With this band she would create a mixture of acoustic and electric sounds, folk and western melodies, forgotten tales and to days worries. Key member in this band is guitarist Ermis Michail who arranges the songs using a modern twist.
Vasilikí lived in London almost 8 years and she performed as a solo artist and with her band around the world. She has performed in Hong Kong, Qatar, Italy, France, Cyprus and Greece, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Austria, Germany and Lebanon.


Vassiliki Anastasiou

Vasilikí s love for polyphonic folk music has motivated her to create the all-female a capella ‘Amalgamation’ choir. Sample of their work, has traveled around the world through youtube with millions of views. The band and the female choir rarely perfom together but they’ve put together their favourite songs especially for the Greek Fringe Festival.
Vasilikí has a great love for the human voice and has recently founded the Cyprus Voice Center, a platform for connecting voice professionals and is an active performer and a coach in theater productions and a lecturer at the European University of Cyprus.

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