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METE ERKER tenorsax, sopranosax, clarinet, bassclarinet.
Mete Erker, was born in Holland in 1971, the son of a Turkish father and a Dutch mother, who started playing classical clarinet at the age of ten. At the end of the 1980s, he got into jazz music, taking lessons from drummer Steve Clover (U.S.A.) and trumpeter Charlie Green (U.S.A.). In 1989 he switched to tenor saxophone and from 1991 on he studied classical saxophone at the Rotterdam Conservatory. In 1998, after studying with saxophonist/clarinetist JohnRuocco (U.S.A.) for four years, he graduated in jazz music at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague.

In 1997 Mete Erker was chosen as one of two Dutch students to attend a meeting of the International Association of Schools of Jazz in Sienna, Italy. There he met David Liebman, who invited him to do a concert with the David Liebman Group at the North Sea Jazz Festival in 1997.

In 1999 he founded a new quartet: BLINK, with Gulli Gudmundson (Iceland) Thorsten Grau (Germany), and Harmen Fraanje. They won the first prize in the “Jazz-FestivalBreda”(1999)  and the “Dordtse Jazzprijs” (2000) and released their first CD in October 2000 for A-Records.
BLINK was chosen as an upcoming new group to be offered a tour through Holland in December 2000. 
Also in 1999 Mete Erker toured South Africa with the group Quadrant of Eric van der Westen. This was the start of an ongoing relationship with the country and its music: CDs with Quadrant: Naala (EWM1999) Rush Hour (EWM2001) and the quintet of South Africa’s number one trumpet player Feya Faku: Hommage (Arecords1999).

Mete Erker

BLINK DUO with pianist Jeroen van Vliet, collaboration with painter Mattie Schilders.  Presentation cd Unseen Land on his exhibition in the prestegious Dokumenta Kunsthalle in Kassel, Germany.
ARTVARK saxophone quartet. cd released  in 2005
The Joni Mitchell Project. South Africa Tour 2005.

As a Sideman:
The Martin Fondse Oktemble, a modern jazz octet with Eric Vloeimans and Nils Wogram lead by one of Hollands most interesting composers Martin Fondse.
Quadrant and Quadrant Extended led by Eric v/d Westen.
A sextet of bass player Stefan Lievestro with guitar player Jesse van Ruller.

Other collaborations:
duo concerts  Simon Nabatov
FraFra sound  Zanzibar Tour 2003
New Cool Collective  Roskilde Festival 2005
Zucco 103 North Sea Jazz Festival 2002

Selected Discography:

Artvark Saxophone Quartet:  Artvark (Maxanter 2005)
Stefan Lievestro Sextet: Breakfast in Walhalla (Mainland records 2006)
Duo Erker and van Vliet: Unseen Land (eigen beheer 2004)
BLINK: I Eye My Self  (A-records 2000)
Martin Fondse Oktemble: Upperground (B.V. Haast 1998). Ere Ibeji (2001) Jazzmeteors: Kikke (Via Records 1998)  French Kiss: Funky Cha Cha (Via Records 1999)
Quadrant: Naala (EWM 1999) Me Myself and I (Quadrant Extended) (EWM 2000) Rush Hour (2001)
Feya Faku Quintet van Zuid Afrikaans trompettist Feya Faku: Hommage (Arecords 1999)
The Houdinis+ Jacob ter Veldhuis: Heartbreakers (2001)
Groove Troopers: Zoom Zoo (2003)

Important elements of Mete Erker’s musical style are: a big sound, a strong drive, and a combination of raw energy and lyricism

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