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Marijn Roeland van de Ven


Marijn Roeland van de Ven was born in The Netherlands (Venray) in 1989. He grew up in a musical environment, his parents both played music, and at age 9 he got his first piano lessons.
When turning 16, he looked for a new challenge, and picked up the electric bass. Soon he started playing pop and rock music in local bands, as a hobby. But the hobby was becoming more and more serious, and at age 18 he entered the conservatory of Maastricht. However, being exposed to Jazz at the conservatory, he felt drawn to the acoustic bass and decided to switch again.
Two years later, he moved to Rotterdam to study acoustic bass with his idol, Hein van de Geyn. Four years later he graduated (with honors) from the Rotterdam Conservatory.
After that he chose to pursue a masters degree at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. During this time he moved to Austria for half a year to study music in Graz. He finished his Masters Degree at the Royal Conservatory in 2015, and currently he’s busy playing in Holland and abroad, with tours (including but not limited to) to Russia, Brazil, Cyprus, Austria, Italy.
Over the years he built a reputation as a reliable sideman, and he’s always playing in many different projects at the same time. These range from big theater productions, to festival bands, to smaller gigs in bars and cafes, to background gigs. His main focus is playing Jazz, but he’s experienced to play Pop, Rock, Latin, Tango and Classical music, on both electric and acoustic bass.


Marijn Roeland Van de Ven


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