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The Paradise Jazz Festival is a beloved and no profit cultural event that started in 1999 by Socratis Efstathiou who at that time and for continuously 18 years was running one of the most well-known bar-restaurant in Cyprus called Paradise Place, in the beautiful scenery of the west coast, at Pomos Village in Paphos district…

Although at first, it seemed like a far-fetched idea to present renowned jazz artists from England in a border area, the Paradise Jazz Festival was loved by the audience from the very beginning, first by the British inhabitants of the area, and then with the addition of musicians from Cyprus, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Greece, Israel, etc by all island`s nationalities, giving an international image to it.

In the evolution of the Festival, with the support of and the addition of Mr. George Koulas as Art Director, gained an institutional character where the purpose is to present the island`s best quality music with jazz roots and not only. Supports the progress and the authenticity of our island`s musicians and encourages collaborations with international artists.

It’s actually pretty encouraging that we enjoy the support of our audience who is eagerly seeking information about the dates and attend our musical meetings, regardless of the distance, turning our events into a celebration.

It is for these reasons (the love of our audience and the institutional character of Paradise Jazz Festival) that- although the founding member has departed the restaurant business since 2012– we keep meeting every summer on the beautiful west side of the island. Jazz lovers or not, students, tourists, locals, from all cities, all ages, all nationalities. Everyone is there!

We thank you deeply for your great support.

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