Paradise Jazz Festival

21st Paradise Jazz Festival

We feel blessed to be able to share with you the announcement of the 21st Paradise Jazz Festival, which will be taking place on Friday the 20th and Saturday the 21st of August 2021 at the beautiful venue of Val’s Place in the graphic village of Gialia, Paphos.

20 & 21 August 2021

Music Program

Friday 20th

Jazzologia Cyprus Big Band

Jazzologia Cyprus Big Band repertory consists of historic compositions and ...

Electrified Riffs

Electrified Riffs is a quartet formed in 2015 by the brothers Andreas and ...


Born in Cyprus, this excellent band moves towards Latin jazz and world music ..

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book now!

Saturday 21st

Workin` Trio plus 1

Workin' Trio is a band formed in 2020. Their music is inspired by uplifting swing ...

The Visitors

The Visitors was initially accomplished as a trio by Christos Yerolatsitis on keys, ....


jam,jam,jam, jam,jam,jam, jam,jam,jam, jam,jam,jam, jam,jam,jam....see less ...

Αγαπητοί φίλοι
του Paradise Jazz Festival

Με μεγάλη χαρά μοιραζόμαστε μαζί σας το νέο της επιστροφής του Paradise Jazz Festival, που θα ...

Dear friends of Paradise Jazz Festival

We feel blessed to able to share with you the return of Paradise Jazz Festival, which will be taking place on Friday ...

Дорогие друзья Paradise Jazz Festival

Мы счастливы поделиться с вами радостью возвращения джазового фестиваля Paradise Jazz Festival, который будет ..

Val`s Place

An excellent small restaurant with big and beautiful garden! Delicious home made food with options for veggies & vegans.
Tel 6511179, 96713164

21st Paradise Jazz Festival Program

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Since its establishment in 1999, Paradise Jazz Festival has become a household name for music and profoundly jazz lovers all over the island and even internationally. Each year we take pride in presenting our unique selection of jazz melodies and uniting jazz lovers from all over the beautiful island of Cyprus in moments of harmony and happiness.
We thank them all, musicians, our fantastic audience, and our sponsors who without their psychological help and financial contribution in these difficult times, our events would no longer exist.
Another great-great thank you goes to all volunteers who each one of them is helping us with their own way to organize this event in its finest way. Their help is touching our hearts and is boosting our creativity.
"We're an expanding group of friends with respect to nature and love to music who gets together once a year in a place full of inspiration, sunsets, moons, breeze, and sea, with the mood to celebrate and share quality timeless moments … Everything happens with a simplicity that is hard to find".

Paradise Jazz Festival
Paradise Jazz Festival

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